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    Woosah Cards - These gorgeous cards are full of different mindful activities for you to do by yourself, with your family, friends or team. They also are the guide for your kit and each item within. 

    • In your gorgeous deck of Woosah Cards.....there are 3 different colours.


      Each has a different meaning.......


      The BLUE are an INTRO

      The GREEN are a GUIDE to each item ( a card per item) to give you some ideas as to how to use.....if youve bought other items....

      The PINK are MINDFUL ACTIVITIES and there are LOADS.......


      So pick a card and read it, shuffle them and play a game......pick 1 as a team and do before, during or at the end of a meeting (before really raises the energy & atmosphere increasing productivity and engagement) or take one per pair / per person.


      Use these if you are a manager, a colleague, a parent, a partner, a person.


      They're simple, but effective and everything is built on neuroscience......so they're proven to work!

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