• THE WOOSAH KIT - Full Size

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    The FIRST mental health first aid kit that ISNT labelled as a mental health first aid kit.


    The Woosah Kit is all about Mindful Wellbeing. 


    Designed and created to change the language around mental health and encourage proactiveness in the self management of stress and anxiety, in the moment with evidence based activities.


    Built upon the principles of "The 5 Ways to Wellbeing", it provides an exciting and interesting mix of activities to help you refocus at times of anxiousness / stress.


    Each kit includes a pack of the gorgeous Woosah Cards which are your instructions to the kit contents as well as a whole bunch of mindful activities for you to do, a Woosah Figit cube, a Woosah Puzzle Cube, Woosah Visualisation Stickers, a 5 Minute Woosah Plan Pad, a Woosah Dream Board pad, a Woosah Tangle Puzzle, Woosah Sticks, Woosah Sticky notes and a Woosah Stress Dice.


    • Woosah Cards - These gorgeous cards are full of different mindful activities for you to do by yourself, with your family, friends or team. They also are the guide for your kit and each item within. 


      Woosah Puzzle Cube - We all know what we need to do to solve the puzzle but its not easy. And this is the most beautiful puzzle cube we have every seen, perfect for every desk, staff room, home. 


      Woosah Visulatisation Stickers - Everyone loves stickers, but ours are really quirky. The idea is that you take a few Woosah moments to visualise the sticker of your choice in your mind, focus on positive feelings and emotions that derive from your visualisation and then you pop that sticker somewhere so that whenever you see it, it brings back that picture in your mind and the positive feelings you’ve anchored to that sticker.


      Woosah Sticky Notes - Doing something nice for others makes us feel good about ourselves because we are programmed to be pack animals. These sticky notes are prepopulated with different kindness messages on and are a mix of colours as well to make it really easy for you to brighten up someone’s day. All you have to do is take some time to think about whose day you want to make.


      Woosah Sticks - Who doesn’t love pick up sticks? There are different ways you can play with these which require patience, determination and focus.


      Woosah 5 Minute Plan Pad - When we recognise how we feel and make a decision about wanting to move out of that negative zone, if we focus on processing this in a methodical way, we absolutely can. This pad is pre populated with some thought routes for you to re-manoeuvre yourself in the direction you desire to be going in.


      Woosah Stress Dice - With six different potential outcomes, which face will get you? Feeling luckyor just need a good hard squeeze?


      Woosah Dream Board - Its proven that if you think about something, write it down, break a goal down into little steps, you’re more likely to achieve the goal than if you just think about it. This pad is like a bucket list, it gets you to think about things, write them down, its designed to help you make things happen. We practice this here at Woosah and guess what, we have done more stuff, seen more places, achieved more with this simple technique and have more fulfilled lives because of it.


      Woosah Tangle Puzzle - We all get in a bit of a tangle at times and this little puzzle looks and feels great, you can play with it in a number of ways but can you reorganise it back into its mug shape?


      Woosah Figit Cube - For those fabulous figits out there, this little ergonomic cube is full of little figits for you to exert that energy through your hand. Its a sensory cube thats great for helping you focus.

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