Woosah Sticky Notes - Doing something nice for others makes us feel good about ourselves because we are programmed to be pack animals. These sticky notes are prepopulated with different kindness messages on and are a mix of colours as well to make it really easy for you to brighten up someone’s day. All you have to do is take some time to think about whose day you want to make.

  • Taking 10 to think about someone else, we mean, to REALLY think about how wonderful they are is GREAT for your wellbeing, heart, soul and mind BUT also for them.


    When we do something kind for others it makes us feel good.


    Its a simple way to build relationships, make someone else's day and boost your endorphins.


    There are 5 different colours with 5 different messages on. 4 of the messages are for others, 1 is multipurpose because you can use it for yourself or someone else.


    These gorgeous sticky notes are perfectly discreet and deliver high impact.


    We want to challenge you to pop these in the most creative and thoughtful places / positions you can think of. Have some fun. Put a real smile on someones face today. You don't know how much it could mean to them!

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