Woosah Sticks - Who doesn’t love pick up sticks? There are different ways you can play with these which require patience, determination and focus.

  • Woosah Sticks are SO multifunctional......


    Play them by yourself or with another or others.......


    create a championship, a league.......this is not an easy game to play.


    Place them in a heep and try to remove one without moving the others.....if you do miss a go or give your stick back. Create your OWN RULES!


    Why are these awesome for us?


    Well......its incredibly good at bringing real quietness and focus instantaneously. Its very hard to do and requires practice. its extrmely satisfying to win and to play.


    These are BRILLIANT for aiding "Difficult" conversations because it allows you to talk and discuss things at a relaxed pace without much eye contact which often intensifies a neggy atmosphere.


    Every manager and mental health first aider should have these in their tool kits because they can completely change the atmosphere and dynamic of upsetting / challenging conversations for the better.

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