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Woosah Dream Board - Its proven that if you think about something, write it down, break a goal down into little steps, you’re more likely to achieve the goal than if you just think about it. This pad is like a bucket list, it gets you to think about things, write them down, its designed to help you make things happen. We practice this here at Woosah and guess what, we have done more stuff, seen more places, achieved more with this simple technique and have more fulfilled lives because of it.

  • This AMAZING pad is full of options. Its designed on the concept of a bucket list. By writing things down we have a focus, when we break big goals, aspirations / dreams down into achievable steps we are more likely to accomplish and succeed. The MORE we achieve, the better we feel and the more resilience we develop. It's all about outlook and planning.


    Complete a page focused on something thats coming up....for example that presentation you want to nail, how you want your next 121 to go, that all time important pay rise conversation...or that promotion?


    Complete it from the perspective of your role or career, or as a team and what you want to achieve together, OR complete it for your personal goals. You have LOADs of pages so the options are ENDLESS......


    Why not help someone else complete it? Are you a mental health first aider supporting someone? A line manager? A coach? HR?


    Why not use it to encourage incentives....each team member completes one each week, month or quarter and for everything they achieve.....they get a contribution to achieving something significant? get some healthy competition going?


    OR.... WHAT ABOUT FRIENDS AND FAMILY? The kids? Making time to do things together, to support each other in achieving goals? How AWESOME would that be?

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