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Woosah Tangle Puzzle - We all get in a bit of a tangle at times and this little puzzle looks and feels great, you can play with it in a number of ways but can you reorganise it back into its mug shape?

  • Figiting is jam packed full of goodness.


    If you are someone who always finds themselves clicking pens or folding packets then these are the perfect items for you. WAY less annoying, ergonomic, discreet and effective.


    Figiting is so good for you, especially when it's important for you to listen. Why? Well! When we figit with a sensory item such as these, it stimulates our neurotransmitters that sharpen our senses. This naturally then increases our attention and thus improves dramatically our ability to retain information. 


    The Woosah Tangle Puzzle is ALSO a puzzle - so can you get it aligned back into a little cup shape? It's SO satisfying to do!


    Us Human Beings are SO CLEVER. Simple effective ways are always the best and these prove it.


    Figiting is also great for enabling us to exert energy in a dynamic and discreet way AND its also amazing for strengthening our hands and keeping our precious digits flexible which is really important but often overlooked!

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