Woosah Visulatisation Stickers - Everyone loves stickers, but ours are really quirky. The idea is that you take a few Woosah moments to visualise the sticker of your choice in your mind, focus on positive feelings and emotions that derive from your visualisation and then you pop that sticker somewhere so that whenever you see it, it brings back that picture in your mind and the positive feelings you’ve anchored to that sticker. 


4 Sheets

  • As humans we are impacted by different things which trigger different emotions, thoughts, behaviours 


    The incredibly QUIRKY stickers are to provide you with the opportunity to create a really unique, personal and effective anchor for happiness and loveliness.


    Pop one on your pad, diary / workstation or give to someone else on a card or give to the kids to create you a picture for your desk or locker.....


    Quieten your mind and focus. Really think about what the sticker makes you think about....only happy and positive emotions allowed though.


    Practice real mindfulness. Creativity is GREAT for your brain. Fantasize about having slippers that make you fly, where would you go? why? what magic adventure would you create for yourself?


    The trick with these is that the more you put in - the more you get out


    Do this activity by yourself, with your team, with your friend. Have some fun. Discuss and enjoy. Why not try these in a team building event and get everyone to create an incredible moment they can share with everyone else? Itll be a meeting they never forget!

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